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Project & Publication

Projects (Dr. M.I. Khalil)

  1. Managing and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration in different landscape mosaics (GHG-Manage, FACCE ERA-GAS funded; Lead: UCD; Collaborators: Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland and Ireland). Co-cordinator. (On-going)
  2. The effect of land use change on the biogenic greenhouse gas budget of agroecosystems in northern Chiloé (FONDECYT, Chile-funded; Co-PI of WP; Lead: Chile, Collaborator: UCD, Ireland) – Ongoing.
  3. Ensemble Modelling: Inter-comparison of process-based models for prediction of C and N emissions from Irish agriculture and their uncertainties (Irish Land Uses; DAFM-funded; Lead: Teagasc; Collaborators: UCD, DIT and AFBI, NI). Co-PI/Researcher. (Completed).
  4. Development of methodologies and modelling for accounting greenhouse gases and organic carbon stocks in agricultural soils of Ireland (Irish EPA-Funded, 2009: UCD- Academic host/PI). Coordinator (Completed).
  5. Agricultural activity data for modelling and national estimates of greenhouse gases and air pollutants (Irish EPA-Funded: UCD- Academic host/PI). Coordinator. (Completed)
  6. Nitrogen Derrogation, Nutrient Management Plan, and Basic Payment Scheme consultancy for Teagasc (2014-2015).
  7. Subsoil and groundwater denitrification (Research Stimulus Fund, RSF). Lead: Teagasc; Collaborators: NUIG & TCD, Ireland, and Rothamsted Research, UK. Coordinator. (Completed).
  8. Maximising the efficiency of slurry-N and urea-N utilisation by grassland using nitrification and urease inhibitors as a strategy for environmental protection (RSF). Lead: Teagasc; Collaborators: UCD, Ireland and AFBI, NI. Collaborator. (Completed).
  9. New biodegradable hydrogel materials for the delivery of nitrification and urease inhibitors (RSF). Lead: NUIM, Ireland; Collaborator: Teagasc. Collaborator. (Completed).
  10. Reducing nitrogen excretion, ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions from dairy, beef and pig farms: Evaluation a whole farm approach (RSF). Lead: University College Dublin; Collabs: Teagasc, NUIM, Ireland, and Lincoln University, NZ. Contributor. (Completed).
  11. Interactions between soil water-induced nitrification, nitrous oxide emission and methane oxidation in an arable soil using 13C and 15N isotopes (Imperial College London, United Kingdom).
  12. Positional effect of urea fertilizers on NH3 volatilization, N2O and NOx emissions from arable soils and N recovery by spring wheat using 15N isotope (TUM, Germany).
  13. N2O emission and N recovery by spring wheat with a new urease +nitrification inhibitor compared to different urea types and a nitrification inhibitor (TUM, Germany).
  14. Source-based interactions between N2O, CH4 and CO2 in a rice-legume system: Determinants, emissions factors and global warming potential (CU, Japan).
  15. Gross mineralization of C and N in contrasting rice soils using stable isotope techniques (Incomplete: CU, Japan).
  16. Isotope-aided studies on nitrate movement in soil under irrigated wheat with an emphasis to groundwater pollution (FAO/IAEA Coordinated). PI-BINA (Completed).
  17. Nuclear techniques to improve crop production in salt-affected soils (FAO/IAEA Coordinated). Co-cordinator. (Completed).
  18. Decomposition of organic materials and nutrient release pattern (DANIDA/SFFP funded) PI-BINA. (Completed).
  19. Management of soil physical environment for increasing crop production [ADP)/ GOB) funded]. PI-BINA. (Completed).
  20. Studies on the soil physical properties and crop yields as influenced by different soil and water management practices (ADP/GOB funded).
    PI-BINA. (Completed).
  21. Solute and water transport mechanisms in various soils of Bangladesh and environmental pollution (ADP/GOB funded). PI-BINA. (Completed).
  22. Measurement and modelling soil physical properties and crop yields under different management systems (ADP/GOB funded). PI-BINA. (Completed).
  23. Characterization of the soils of BINA farm and substations (ADP/GOB funded). PI-BINA. (Completed).
  24. Emission of trace gases from intensely managed agroecosystems of Bangladesh (ADP/GOB funded). PI-BINA. (Completed).
  25. Management of problem soils (salinity and drought) for increasing crop production (ADP/GOB funded). PI-BINA. (Completed).
  26. Dynamics of organic materials on physical fertility and sustaining increased crop production (ADP/GOB funded). PI-BINA. (Completed).
  27. Evaluation of soil physical parameters of various land development units in Bangladesh for land use planning (USAID/BARC Coordinated). Researcher-BINA. (Completed).
  28. Studies on the soil adaptability for minimum tillage and increased use of post monsoon soil water by rabi crops (USAID/BARC Coordinated). Collaborator-BINA. (Completed).
  29. Fate of fertilizer nitrogen and fixation of nitrogen by legumes under different soil and water management practices (USAID/BARC Coordinated). CoPI-BINA. (Completed).
  30. Organic matter management for increased and sustainable agricultural production in Bangladesh (FAO/IAEA Coordinated). CoPI-BINA. (Completed).


Dr. M. I. Khalil:  Total 213 (Journals/Book chapters/proceedings/reports) Recent past peer-reviewed journals/book chapters follow:

  1. Grosz, B., R. Well, R. Dechow, J.R., Köster, M.I. Khalil, S. Merl, A. Rode, B. ,Ziehmer and H. He. 2021. Evaluation and adjustment of description of denitrification in three biogeochemical models based on N2 and N2O laboratory mesocosm incubation system measurements. Atmospheric Environment (In review).
  2. Walkiewicz, A., P. Bulak, M. Brzezińska, M. I. Khalil and Bruce Osborne. 2021. Variations in Soil Properties and CO2 emissions of a Temperate Forest Gully Soil along a Topographical Gradient. Forest Ecology and Management (Accepted).
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  4. Khalil, M.I. (Contributing author). 2020. A Protocol Guidelines for measurement, monitoring and reporting of Soil organic carbon in agricultural landscapes. GSOC-MRV PROTOCOL (Book). FAO Global Soil Partnership, Rome, Italy.
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